Trent DiMillo- one week old : Mentone area photography

One of my absolute favorite parts of a newborn session is capturing the love that parents have for their new baby.  While I do agree that putting a baby in all sorts of baskets and props is super cute, it’s not my primary goal of a newborn session.  I like to watch the parents love on their new baby and capture that sweet, sweet time where the baby is so teeny tiny.  That precious time that flies by in the blink of an eye.  I know that most moms don’t feel stellar about their appearance one week after giving birth.  Sleep deprivation combined with the trauma your body just went through, it’s not an easy time.  However… that precious love that a mom has for her newborn baby, it’s priceless, and it makes me get teary eyed.  I absolutely love capturing it.  I hope that I’ve captured that sweet time for you DiMillo family.  Congratulations on the arrival of your absolutely perfect Trent Michael!  He was seriously a dream to photograph.  That baby hardly made one peep during our two hour session!  I hope that’s a sign of easy times ahead 🙂