The Ramos Family {Redlands Photographer}

I photographed Fabi when she was pregnant with her first child, who is soon turning four!  She is eagerly anticipating her fourth birthday and so she got to bring along a fun balloon.  It’s always so much fun to document children as they grow.  The Ramos family also welcomed a son to their family this past year.  He is adorable and squishy and at that fun six month mark.  Thank you Ramos family for letting me continue to document your family, as you are definitely in a busy and fun stage of life 🙂

Redlands family photographer_0001

This little girl is very excited to turn four!Redlands family photographer_0004Redlands family photographer_0002Redlands family photographer_0003Redlands family photographer_0005Redlands family photographer_0006Redlands family photographer_0007Redlands family photographer_0008Redlands family photographer_0011Redlands family photographer_0009There’s nothing like a squishy six month old baby!  Ahhhhh……Redlands family photographer_0010