The Paino Family at UCR {Riverside Family Photographer}

I first met Tawny back when we were both students in the teaching credential program at the University of California in Riverside.  I love that we have stayed friends all these years later despite not being able to see each other that often. It was only fitting that we photograph her family at UCR, especially since they live near the campus and love to ride their bikes there often. I love photographing this family, in fact they were one of the very first families I ever photographed nearly five years ago when I started my business. I’ve been blessed to capture them as they grow each year.

Redlands family photographer_0014Redlands family photographer_0015Redlands family photographer_0016Redlands family photographer_0017Redlands family photographer_0018Redlands family photographer_0019The bell-tower is one of the most distinctive features of UCR, so of course we had to capture it in our photos.

Redlands family photographer_0020Redlands family photographer_0021Redlands family photographer_0022Redlands family photographer_0023Redlands family photographer_0024Redlands family photographer_0025Redlands family photographer_0026Redlands family photographer_0027Redlands family photographer_0028Redlands family photographer_0029