The Evangelisto Family {Redlands, CA}

I got to know the Evangelisto Family back when I was teaching second grade.  I had Garrett in my class the last year I taught.   It was so much fun photographing this family now, several years later. Tiffany will be graduating from Redlands East Valley High School in 2015 and Garrett is a sophomore.  This family is so sweet and full of fun energy. I love how close they are and how much fun they have together.  In addition to taking senior photos for Tiffany, we did some family photos as well.  I love taking photos in the mountains in the early fall.  It’s usually still pretty warm, and the leaves are just starting to change. The Evangelistos took me to a favorite spot of theirs up in our local mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous.  A waterfall, stream, huge pine trees with fun roots and a gorgeous stream.  It doesn’t get much better!

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