The Edwards family at Laguna Beach

This was the second time I photographed the Edwards family.    That day there was a crazy accident on the freeway and it was closed down for a bit, and so a drive that should have taken one hour, took us three hours.  Thankfully we both left super early and by the time we got there we still had an hour of light left.  Michelle found this awesome little beach and we were pretty much the only people there.  The Edwards kids are awesome and so sweet.  Michelle always dresses her kiddos SUPER cute so I knew they would look awesome for their session.  At the end of our session I was taking a few quick photos of just mom and dad while the kiddos played.  The next thing we knew poor little Penelope was toppled over by a wave and soaked.  She was a champ though and didn’t cry at all, although she did seem a bit surprised!  We were all glad it happened at the end of the session and not the beginning 🙂  Thanks for braving some crazy traffic to make it to your session Edwards family!