Reth & Angie {Long Beach Wedding Photographer}

Reth and Angie live in Seattle and had a ceremony up there a few weeks ago. They came down to Long Beach to have a reception with Reth’s family.  It was a Cambodian reception, and it was quite the lively event, complete with 8 different courses of food.  We were able to do portraits in downtown Long Beach.  This particular weekend was in the middle of an intense heat wave in Southern California, and although it was 90 degrees in Long Beach, that was certainly better than the 108 temps that many places were experiencing Inland.  Reth and I actually graduated from the same class in high school, but we didn’t know each other, so it was neat to get to photograph his wedding reception.  Congratulations Reth and Angie!

Long Beach Wedding_0001Long Beach Wedding_0003Long Beach Wedding_0004Long Beach Wedding_0005Long Beach Wedding_0002Long Beach Wedding_0006Long Beach Wedding_0008Long Beach Wedding_0007Long Beach Wedding_0009Long Beach Wedding_0010Long Beach Wedding_0015Long Beach Wedding_0012Long Beach Wedding_0011Long Beach Wedding_0014Long Beach Wedding_0016Long Beach Wedding_0013Long Beach Wedding_0017Long Beach Wedding_0020Long Beach Wedding_0018Long Beach Wedding_0019


  • Teresa DiMillo - September 20, 2014 - 8:56 am

    Seriously Jess, you are just flourishing in your craft!!! These pictures are amazing!!! I LOVE the picture of the couple kissing with the bridal party being the focus. I’m so proud of you, friend!!!

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