My Two Little Loves {Yucaipa Children’s Photographer}

I like to do a “real” photoshoot with my kids near their birthdays.  My daughter just turned three and my son is about to turn five.  One of the most fun parts for me is to be able to dream up a shoot for them that really shows who they are at the moment.  My daughter loves to dress up, and will often want to play around the yard in various costumes and wings.  Really I did this shoot based on her personality.  I let her bring her fairy wings and wand, and told her to go to town.  A fairy in the forest.  She ran around pretending to turn rocks into various animals and pretended, which is something she does a lot right now.  As for my boy, he got to jump off rocks and play with sticks, so he was happy 🙂

The smiles I got out of them were quite genuine.  Not only did I get smiles, but I got lots of huge belly laughs.  Want to know the source of them?  Oh, just me talking about bodily functions and pretending a rubber chicken was “tooting” on me.  Yup, good ol’ potty talk (nothing too extreme of course).  Potty talk out of the mouth of their mama got these two laughing like crazy, especially because we usually don’t let them talk like that.

I just adore how these photos came out, and that they really capture my kids’ personality.  This post is a tad longer than normal, but I couldn’t help it. Oh how I love these two 🙂


  • Liz - October 3, 2012 - 8:19 pm

    Jess, these pictures are amazing. And your kids are seriously darling. 🙂

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