Katlyn, Arrowhead Christian Academy, Class of 2015

Katlyn will be graduating from Arrowhead Christian Academy in the spring of 2015.  I was very excited about this senior session.  Katlyn was one of the students in my class the first year I taught second grade.   The crazy thing is that I really don’t feel like much time has passed, yet here she is graduating!  It’s so much fun to have known her as a second grader and now to see the lovely young woman she has become.  Katlyn is planning on going to college in the fall to study to become a nurse.  She is very athletic and active and so we incorporated one of her favorite activities into her session; her love for CrossFit.  Congratulations Katlyn, and I am so honored that I got to be a part of your school life in two separate ways, as both a teacher and now photographer 🙂Redlands Senior Photographer_0004Redlands Senior Photographer_0003Redlands Senior Photographer_0002Redlands Senior Photographer_0005Redlands Senior Photographer_0007Redlands Senior Photographer_0010Redlands Senior Photographer_0009Redlands Senior Photographer_0008Redlands Senior Photographer_0014Redlands Senior Photographer_0013Redlands Senior Photographer_0012Redlands Senior Photographer_0011Redlands Senior Photographer_0019Redlands Senior Photographer_0015Redlands Senior Photographer_0018Redlands Senior Photographer_0017Redlands Senior Photographer_0016