Expecting Baby {Redlands Maternity Photographer}

I met up with Tyler and Eric who are expecting their first child, a baby girl in a few weeks.  They came from Redlands to meet up with me underneath the majestic live oak trees in Yucaipa.  The day started off cloudy but we were fortunate to have the clouds clear out and even got some sunlight during their session.  Since Southern California has finally gotten some rain, there is green grass sprouting up all over.

The time of anticipation and expectation as you await to meet your child is so very exciting.  I feel honored when I get to capture that special time for a couple.  While pregnancy is not often the most comfortable time for a woman, it sure is amazing! Tyler was glowing and looks so fantastic.

Redlands Maternity Photographer_0001Redlands Maternity Photographer_0002Redlands Maternity Photographer_0003It was fitting that we do their session outdoors in such beautiful location, as they both really enjoy being outdoors.  They like to paddle board, backpack and fish and Eric even has a pink fishing pole for his little girl 🙂Redlands Maternity Photographer_0004Redlands Maternity Photographer_0006Redlands Maternity Photographer_0007Redlands Maternity Photographer_0005Redlands Maternity Photographer_0008Tyler and Eric are so sweet and are clearly over the moon for one another.  I loved seeing how Eric clearly adores his wife and soon to be mother of their child. These two have so much love for each other that they will very soon share with their baby.  I think their engagement story is neat.  Tyler was in Europe playing softball on a German softball team.  Eric came out to visit her and took advantage of the romantic location, and proposed atop the Eiffel Tower. Redlands Maternity Photographer_0009Redlands Maternity Photographer_0010Redlands Maternity Photographer_0011Redlands Maternity Photographer_0012Redlands Maternity Photographer_0013Redlands Maternity Photographer_0014Redlands Maternity Photographer_0015Redlands Maternity Photographer_0016Redlands Maternity Photographer_0017Congratulations Tyler and Eric, you guys will be amazing parents!  Blessings as you welcome your new daughter into this world very soon, she is blessed to have you two as parents!

  • Grandpa Tom - January 21, 2016 - 10:26 pm

    Wow! what beautiful photos! Ty is gorgeous and Eric looks so happy and proud! Nicely done you guys and thank you!

  • Claudine Cook Bovich - January 22, 2016 - 3:27 am

    Awesome picture! Cannot wait to meet our precious little Grand Daughter Reese

  • Terry Alvarez - January 22, 2016 - 5:07 pm

    Really beautiful pictures!! Congratulations Tyler and Eric … Your daughter will change your world and when she’s born you’ll realize you didn’t know you could love someone that much. Blessings to all of you!

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