I met up with the Gotta family to document their cute twins. This sweet brother and sister duo is about to turn one.  These twins were so cute and fun.   They were also troopers as it was quite hot out the day of their session.  Their older sister is three and she was a hoot as well.

photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0001photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0002photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0003photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0004photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0005photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0006photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0007photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0009photos of one year old twins Redlands CA_0008



I recently met up with the North family for some photos.  Their little guy Parker will soon turn two.  I had fun chasing him around and watching him giggle.  He was the happiest little guy and full of energy and spunk.

Redlands Riverside family photos_0001Redlands Riverside family photos_0002Redlands Riverside family photos_0003Redlands Riverside family photos_0004Redlands Riverside family photos_0005Redlands Riverside family photos_0006Redlands Riverside family photos_0007Redlands Riverside family photos_0008Redlands Riverside family photos_0009Redlands Riverside family photos_0010

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The Murillo family welcomed their second child to the family, a sweet baby boy they named Owen.  Owen is adored by his big sister and I just loved capturing some sweet pictures of the two siblings.  Owen did awesome for his newborn photos and I loved being able to capture him in his home.  He has the cutest nursery, with an aviation theme and an awesome wood wall.  Congratulations Murillo family, thank you for allowing me to capture this precious stage in your life!

Redlands newborn photographer_0003Redlands newborn photographer_0002Redlands newborn photographer_0001Redlands newborn photographer_0004Redlands newborn photographer_0005Redlands newborn photographer_0006Redlands newborn photographer_0007Redlands newborn photographer_0008Redlands newborn photographer_0009Redlands newborn photographer_0010Redlands newborn photographer_0011Redlands newborn photographer_0012Redlands newborn photographer_0013Redlands newborn photographer_0014Redlands newborn photographer_0015Redlands newborn photographer_0016



It’s always nice to be able to do a session where it’s a bit cooler on a hot summer day.  I got to photograph this sweet family up in Oak Glen,  and we were glad to have some cooler temps.  It was beautiful in the mountains with the green grass and the huge oak trees.  Koen will soon turn one and so it was a great time for pictures.  He adores his older sister and loved being tickled and thrown into the air.

Oak Glen Photographer_0002Oak Glen Photographer_0003Oak Glen Photographer_0004Oak Glen Photographer_0006Oak Glen Photographer_0005Oak Glen Photographer_0007Oak Glen Photographer_0008Oak Glen Photographer_0009Oak Glen Photographer_0010



I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Beaver family one morning last week.  I always love when I get the privilege of capturing multiple generations.  It’s so fun to see a family with all of their generations together.  This bunch was a lot of fun and full of laughs.

Extended family photos in Redlands California_0012Extended family photos in Redlands California_0005Extended family photos in Redlands California_0001Extended family photos in Redlands California_0002Extended family photos in Redlands California_0003Extended family photos in Redlands California_0004Extended family photos in Redlands California_0006Extended family photos in Redlands California_0007Extended family photos in Redlands California_0008Extended family photos in Redlands California_0011Extended family photos in Redlands California_0009Extended family photos in Redlands California_0010


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    These pictures are so beautiful.

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    Great Photos! Great family!

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    Thanks so much Phyllis!