I met up with the sweet Sechrist family in Oak Glen last week for some photos.  These four kids are so great and I love how much they love each other.  I had the oldest Caleb in my class when I taught second grade.  It was a ton of fun to see how he’s grown and become such an awesome young man.

Oak Glen Family Photography_0002Oak Glen Family Photography_0001Oak Glen Family Photography_0003Oak Glen Family Photography_0004Oak Glen Family Photography_0006Oak Glen Family Photography_0008Oak Glen Family Photography_0007Oak Glen Family Photography_0005Oak Glen Family Photography_0009


Sarah and Alex are celebrating 20 years since they started dating, and thought it would be fun to have photos taken. Sarah is also graduating shortly after working hard to obtain her degree, so we took a few graduation photos of her as well.  The day we met up it was stormy.  We were hoping to beat the rain, but as soon as we started our session the rain started.  We darted under trees and into an old horse stable to keep dry, used a couple of umbrellas and were still able to get some great photos.  These two were awesome sports with the weather.  I love when I get to photograph couples.  I think every couple should have photos taken every few years to document their love, engagement and wedding photos should not be the only time people have a session to document their love :)

Anniversary photos_0007Anniversary photos_0009Anniversary photos_0008Anniversary photos_0011Anniversary photos_0010Anniversary photos_0005Anniversary photos_0006Anniversary photos_0004Anniversary photos_0003Anniversary photos_0002Anniversary photos_0001


The Paino family was one of the very first families to get behind my lens.  It’s been so much fun to get to document them each year.  This year we did their photos in Downtown Redlands so that we could have a little bit of an urban look:)Tawny always styles her family so cute!

Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0003Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0001Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0002Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0005Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0004Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0006Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0007Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0008Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0009Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0010Downtown Redlands Photoshoot_0011


The Kern family is expecting another sweet baby in February, and Luke is about to turn two, so it was time for some new pictures.  We met up in Oak Glen, which is gorgeous this time of year.  Oak Glen is a popular spot in the local Southern California mountains, especially during the fall.  It’s filled with apple picking and cute little venues, farms, stores and restaurants.  Such a fun place to visit.   In just another week or two the leaves will probably be off the trees, so I was quite happy to catch some fall color.  Luke was so awesome during his photos.  He is such a happy guy and smiles all the time.  He’s full of adventure and is always on the go, which is true for most boys this age:)  I’m sure he will be quite happy to have a little brother to play with soon!

Oak Glen Photographer_0001Oak Glen Photographer_0003Oak Glen Photographer_0002Oak Glen Photographer_0004Oak Glen Photographer_0005Oak Glen Photographer_0006Oak Glen Photographer_0007Oak Glen Photographer_0008Oak Glen Photographer_0009Oak Glen Photographer_0010Oak Glen Photographer_0013Oak Glen Photographer_0014Oak Glen Photographer_0012Oak Glen Photographer_0011Oak Glen Photographer_0016Oak Glen Photographer_0015Oak Glen Photographer_0017Oak Glen Photographer_0018Oak Glen Photographer_0020Oak Glen Photographer_0019

  • Denis Kern - November 19, 2015 - 7:13 am

    I am going to be smiling extra today as I think of these Amazing pictures of our Family and counting My Blessings today for all the Love they give us every day. Thank you for all the memories this past year and the new Baby Kern almost here!!! Love you so Bop & Grammie