I first photographed Allie as my senior rep when she was a junior and I loved working with her.  Fast forward 4 years and here she is as beautiful as ever.  Allie and Corey have been together for almost four years.  Corey enlisted in the army and soon he will be leaving for boot camp and training, so they needed some pictures before he goes!  These two are so much fun and super sweet.  So excited for this next step in your life Corey!

Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0005Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0006Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0002Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0001Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0003Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0004Redlands Yucaipa Wedding Photographer_0008


I loved meeting up with this sweet family in Oak Glen.  It was nice to be in the mountains where it was a little cooler since it’s been so hot lately.  The Hafligers have two little boys full of fun and spunk and giggles and I had fun with them.  The youngest just turned one and the oldest is about to turn three.

Oak Glen Photographer_0009Oak Glen Photographer_0003Oak Glen Photographer_0001Oak Glen Photographer_0006Oak Glen Photographer_0005Oak Glen Photographer_0004Oak Glen Photographer_0007Oak Glen Photographer_0002Oak Glen Photographer_0008Oak Glen Photographer_0010Oak Glen Photographer_0011Oak Glen Photographer_0012Oak Glen Photographer_0015Oak Glen Photographer_0013Oak Glen Photographer_0014Oak Glen Photographer_0016


I’ve been friends with Lea since high school.  I’ve gotten to take her engagement photos, maternity photos, take photos of Brooklyn all the way up until recently when she turned three, and last week I got to take their maternity photos once again as they expect their second baby girl! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is my job!  Getting to document a family over the years is so special, and I love watching them grow.  Brooklyn will soon be a big sister, and this sweet family will grow from three to four.  They are all very eager and excited to meet Miss Makenna!

Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0002Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0001Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0003Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0004Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0005Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0006Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0007Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0008Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0009Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0010Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0011Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0012Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0013Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0014Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0016Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0015Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0017Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0018Inland Empire Maternity Photographer_0019


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Sweet little Ainsley is turning one in a week.  She was such a doll for her photos.  She was all laughs and giggles and she made my job quite easy.  I am always privileged when I get to capture a baby’s first year, especially when her parents also happen to be good friends:)  I’ve loved getting to see this sweet girl grow!

Oak Glen Photographer_0004Oak Glen Photographer_0003Oak Glen Photographer_0008Oak Glen Photographer_0009Oak Glen Photographer_0010Oak Glen Photographer_0011Oak Glen Photographer_0016Oak Glen Photographer_0015Oak Glen Photographer_0013Oak Glen Photographer_0014Oak Glen Photographer_0017Oak Glen Photographer_0007Oak Glen Photographer_0006Oak Glen Photographer_0005Oak Glen Photographer_0018Oak Glen Photographer_0001Oak Glen Photographer_0002


What could be better than a tea party with your sister?  These two sweet girls are 19 months old and cuter than ever.  Their mom set up a sweet little tea party for them and they were so cute playing with it.  They were so proper with their tea etiquette, it was too cute!

Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0014Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0016Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0015Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0017Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0018Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0019Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0020Yucaipa Redlands Family Photographer_0021

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