Best Friends – Tracie and Marek {San Bernardino Portrait Photographer}

Tracie’s best friend Marek is visiting from London for a few weeks and wanted to have pictures taken together.  Tracie also happens to be the younger sister of Mandy (who’s wedding I’ll be photographing in November).  I actually knew Tracie and Mandy from the church we all went to when I was a teenager.  I hadn’t seen Tracie for almost 10 years, so it was fun to catch up while we snapped away.

I loved the location they chose for this shoot. They had me dodging trains, climbing rocks and hiking all around the desert 🙂  Thankfully we did not happen upon any rattlesnakes.  Marek was especially excited to have his photos taken in the “desert”  because it is such a unique setting compared to the greenery of England.  I hope you enjoy your photos Tracie and Marek, it was a pleasure working with you both!